1. T

    FS: BEE-R Rev Limiter - BRAND NEW

    Hey guys, I know that there are some people here that aren't fans of this product...but please keep any negative comments to yourself. I have personally run one of these producs on an S14a and an R32 GTR for extended periods of time - taking in daily commuting, track and drift days and long...
  2. natune

    Finally, i have one!

    hey everyone, well ive been without my own car for a few months now, the integra went to a new owner so i could get the funds for my next dream car! after a few months of waiting for newera imports to find me another awesome car, and driving around in a boat of a accord estate! this came up...
  3. N

    Recommended Importers

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying an S15, could any UK owners recommend an importer, ie Newera, are they any good? Thanks