1. T

    serious det with colder spark plugs..

    being getting some serious det readings on my pfc with denso ik24 plugs in, over the last month it was registering 75 knock, even just cruising at 60, when the car was mapped a few months back ngk bkr6eix plugs were in, i had the colder plugs in the boot forgot to put em in b4 left :no:, any way...
  2. subzero

    NGK Iridium Plugs - Part number ??

    hi there .... sorry to be bothering with the same aul nagging questions again ...( " nicely" - dont give out to me :) but want to get his right ... was on ... is this the correct part number for NGK plugs ?? BKR6EIX *************** Results and Information Make NISSAN...
  3. K

    need spark plug details

    Hey, wanna change my plugs don't want your standard platinum or iridium ones (there not stadard but you know what i mean) ngk platinum is ~100 PFR6B-9 ngk iridium about 100 as well BKR6EIX i'm after the part number for the copper plugs for the s15...does anyone know it? i plan to change plugs...