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    newbie from the Edinburgh area.

    hi my username is toolboxtrev, i own an s15 spec s in black, i bought it off of a friend of mine needs some work for m,o,t and it needed a new front bumper, that was a nightmare to get, i work away from home so i will get round to it soon along with working on my nissan 300zx x2 that i also...
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    Battery relocation

    Has anybody on here relocated their battery to the boot? I'm looking to so this fairly soon as I'm fed up of the battery dieing after a couple of days if I forget to turn the Infill head unit off properly, and it just doesn't look right with the FMIC pipe and washer bottle neck being wedged up...
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    my s15

    this is my s15 which i built up myself, its a pewter spec r with low milage {58k} n ot many mods but i think it looks ok , might need nicer wheels .