1. N

    Post FMIC Fitting!

    Hi guys, I have searched for this but theres so many responses im confused. I fitted the FMIC i have last night, I just have one question about a pipe that comes off the stock boost solenoid and it used to connect to the factory intercooler, theres no where for it to go on the new hot pipe...
  2. dudley97


    having real problems bleeding the brakes on the s15 i did a upgrade from spec s brakes to spec r brakes and i can get the pedal to come at all!!!! should the bleeding nipple be at the bottom of the caliper ?? any suggestions please ??
  3. S

    Blitz dual sbc spec r

    Hi all got this today and the instructions are all Japanese, and seeing as I can't read that I was wondering am I right in thinking I need to connect to the intercooler pipes? As mine has no nipple, will I need to get one fitted or is there another option? Cheers Ollie
  4. Curryzz

    Help with finding part as Nissan can't supply aparently!

    Does anybody no who can supply an drivers side front bleed nipple for the caliper? I'm struggling and need one quickish:) thanks
  5. Yakozan

    Fitting a Blitz boost controller

    I was going to fit my boost controller yesterday but got a bit unsure of what to do. The instructions I have is all in japanese and i don't have the time to learn it ;) I have the dual solenoid one with a in nipple and an out nipple on the solenoid. If I've got it right on hose goes to the...