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    Wiper Blades

    Hi All, Im looking to get some flat/aero blades for my S15. has anyone bought a set for theres from say Ebay or anything like that. Are they the same length as other Nissan's that are in the halfords compatible book when looking at wiper blades? Thanks Liam :wave:
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    Holly - 19, Tasmania Australia.

    Im Holly, im 19 and im new here! Ive recently gotten my hands onto a 2002 Spec R, s15 Nissan Silvia. Stock as a block. After being around the car scene for a few years and learning all about them, i soon took on a love for Nissans - First car being an old faithful N13 Pulsar. So i wanted to...
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    Hey from new mexico

    hi everyone, i thought i would post here to introduce my self. my name is xavior i live in new mexico here in the usa. i'm 23 and i'm a big nissan fan. i love working on cars. i've worked on anything from honda's/acura's to toyota's, nissans, even hyundai's. i have had a few silvias in the past...
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    Newbie checking in!

    Hey!, Im Scott, and co-run the SJCC (shropshirejapcarclub), and drive (wait for it:eek:) a 95' MR2 GT-S. I heard about the site from a fellow member (Initial-D) and thought i'd check it out, as all being well, over the next year or so, i'll be investing in a white Spec-R:cool: Hopefully you...
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    FS: Nismo Radiator Cap Brand New

    Nismo Radiator Cap Forsale Nismo Genuine Parts, Made in Japan Part no. 21430-RS012 Selling for 24 pounds including postage Best Regards Andy It will fit most Nissans car, please take a look at the photos below, from the packages.