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    Plumbing in a gizzmo

    Anyone know the safe/ easist place to plumb in the pressure pipe that comes out of the control unit on a Gizzmo ebc. Noob question maybe but i know nowt about ebc. thanks in advance :thumbs:
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi All, I'm Andy and I've just bought a 2000 S15 Spec S auto. The plan is to make it an out and out track fun car:) which will get trailered anywhere. I intend to swap in a manual box and put in a turbo engine, so I'll probably be pestering everyone with loads of typical noob questions about...
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    Annoying Rattly Noise

    Has anyone ever had that rattly noise,it sounds like its coming from the cylinder head and as soon as you depress the clutch,select gear and move a couple of inches its gone. Its confusing me because I was putting it down to trapped air in the Hydraulic Tappets,but Im a total Noob to these...