1. M

    WTB: S15 Air vents , not the round ones, but the square's

    Does some one got these ? And are able so ship them to Norway . Thank you The vents marked red.
  2. Spec-R


    Hello! My name is Chris and i live in Norway. Some months ago i bought my "dream"-car, an S15 Spec-R Aero 2002. I was quite happy because they're so strict with car registration here. There is only two s15 on legale road-plates in Norway! And now one of them is mine. ^^, I hope to learn much...
  3. Marcus

    Open Event: Gatebil, Rudskogen Norway 8-10.7 (Main Event)

    Hi everyone! As you know, summer is coming in speed... So here is a event, that I like to have more S15's from this club :) Gatebil Festival in Rudskogen Norway (Summers MAIN EVENT) It is held at Rudskogen Motorcenter in Norway. (475km from Stockholm) Dates are 8-10.7.2011 so its from friday...
  4. V

    200sx Owners Group Norway
  5. H

    WTB: S15 R-tune Nismo bumper

    Hi all. I want an S15 R-tune Nismo bumper. Only genuine, no copies or lookalikes please. Links or tips to reseller appreciated. If you got one, I live in Norway, so we need to get the shipping sorted.
  6. I

    cars weve been involved with not all s15 though

    i belive this is kenneth moen from norways old s15 tokyo drift rx7 fortune were involved in building with various people in the uk above 2 pics is auto select ex demo car my friend in norway r32 gtr with 600+bhp who we work with on a daily basis pretty much over ?4000 in parts just...
  7. R

    WTB: LSD from manual turbo wanted

    Seller must shipp to Norway. I can pay by visa or paypal prefore UK (frigt price) Regards from Norway 1973 240Z RB26DET
  8. Yakozan

    Congratulations Harald200 :)

    just got a phone call from harald200 on the forum. Norway has now got their first road-legal S15 :thumbs:
  9. H

    picture of my s15 norway :cool: :cool:
  10. H

    New from Norway :)

    Hi, I was told to write somthing about me :) Im a 26year old boy from Norway. I have newly imported my S15 from Japan. The car is currently standing inside during the winter (hate snow). But when spring arrives the car will hopefully be finished with some upgrades :). Here is a picture of my...