1. John-

    S15's in Stevenage

    Went to a random meet in Stevenage tonight and saw a few 15's anyone here? They all made mine look too standard! On a separate note, is anyone selling a good pearl aero bumper?
  2. S

    FS: OS giken clutch, s15dials, aero catches, fog lights

    First up is a brand new set up aero bonnet catches, still in the packet with everything needed to fit, there £40new so ill do them for £30 delivered S15 front fog lights, basically brand new! Mint condition no damaged clips or brackets etc £30delivered Next is a used OS GIKEN single...
  3. CMR

    FS: Kakimoto Racing Hyper Full Mega N1 + Exhaust for Sale

    As above. I imported this from RHDJapan last summer and it cost £630 + Shipping so around £750. :wack: It has done around 6000 miles. Note, it is not the same as the old Mega N1 which was ridiculously...
  4. J

    £12.95 Heavy duty Mechanic and drivers Gloves

    Hi Guys, We have just received a new delivery of our Japspeed Mechanic and drivers Gloves back into stock. These were used by our pit crew last year and are great at protecting the hands when working on your car. We have given you guys at S15OC a special price on our mechanic’s and driver’s...
  5. J

    Japspeed Oil Catch Tanks BACK INTO STOCK!!

    We have just had a new delivery of Oil Catch tanks :) These are a Popular product and we are offering these straight to you guys at an offer price of £39.99 + £5.95 Postage the normal retail price of these is £59.99 :) These are very high quality items with 15mm bore pipes perfect for the...
  6. slammedmind

    FS: dc shoes size 9 (UK)

    Brand new pair of dc shoes for sale, its a long story as to how i bought them in the wrong size these have never been worn, theyre still in the box so let me know if anyone is interested. please note these are actually size 9.
  7. Topper

    Front Wings

    Well i have been thinking for a while to get these, and still not full sure, so i thought i would intrus some help. Do i: - a) Leave it as is b) Get some wider arches i) These - ii) or These - -...