1. J


    Hi all, I'm doing a project that consists in doing a car to put into the rFactor simulator, and I've chosen the Nissan Silvia S 15. I need the information that is in "0,00" in the photo. Please help me. :notworthy: Thanks.
  2. G

    Any Metallica fans here??

    Just got the new album 'Death Magnetic' on friday. Cant stop listening to it. its up there with their best work :notworthy:. any more 'tallica' fans on here?
  3. S

    WTB: front lights

    Im looking to replace my stndard lights with HIDs so im looking for ether kit to buy or the lights and the (guts) indervidualy. any help would be greatful :notworthy:
  4. raytsang

    turbo has gone need advice

    oki my turbo has gone a month ago and only just got my new turbo to swap it out but found that the blades have been scrapping of the compressor housing. which means that parts have possibly gone in the engine. which really worries me. as i did not start engine up, and to be honest bit...
  5. A

    What to look out for?

    Alright lads,I am going looking at a yellow 2001 S15 tuesday,just wondering what i should be looking out for in general?Have no problem spotting a crashed one,just the extra bit of help would be handy.....:notworthy:
  6. Nicely

    Must-have sitting room accessory

    This is absolute class... :D :notworthy:
  7. B

    another newbie added!

    Hey everyone! :wave: I've been drooling over S15's for a while now... and will do for quite sometime until I save enough money! :nod: :smitten: However, I do have some questions.. first and foremost: Why did Australia get the 140ish KW version? I feel so ripped off :cry: lol And is the...
  8. D

    Prodrift Irl Round 6 photo's

    Last weekend in Rosegreen, Tipperary. I missed this round cos i was too busy to go.. Shame i missed looked like good day. Darren McNamara won in his SR20 Cam. Here's some pics. Miquel's mighty S15 :notworthy: That's Eric O Sullivans AE86 with a S2000 engine fitted. Derek
  9. Nicely

    Perfectrun are the nuts!

    Got a small delivery from Perfectrun today :nod: It was sent on Wednesday... :eek: :nod: :notworthy: I ordered it on the 15th, however, due to the Jap public hols last week, the parts could be ordered from Nissan until Monday this week. Truly amazing effort. Five working days from order to...
  10. J

    Jono's S15

    Finally picked her up on Friday after 2 weeks of agonising waiting! :p Torque Imports supplied the goods, along with the R34 GTT Skyline you can see in the background... my missus' purchase! :D So we're both proud new owners of Jap beauties! And as for the Sylvia, I'm in love! :notworthy...
  11. J

    A quick Hello :wave:

    Really looking for a S15 in white/black now :thumbs: Jus found out about this place as well, great :notworthy:
  12. A

    Replace steering wheel from left to right

    :eek: :notworthy:
  13. kimi

    What do you think of this ?

    I was going to treat myself to a nice new aero bumper at just over ?700 :eek: but then i found this front lip add on to oem bumper,at just over ?100ish Its also available in carbon fibre :notworthy: What do you think of you think it will look ok or not :rolleyes:
  14. S

    The Cars Of KUWAIT University Students :notworthy:
  15. sushiming

    Would like to thank Nicely for the new forum....

    Hey guys I myself would want to thank nicely for setting up the new forum for us guys I know I was the one who start the forum first but seems nicely has done lot more than me so I would just like to say thanks to u NICELY :notworthy: Well done and I hope it get better than the first...