1. A

    FS: Sr20det engine

    Hey guys I have a blown S15 engine for sale it came of my 2000 Spec R. low compression on two cylinders. i was going to forge it and run big power, but I have been offered a forged engine at a very good price. So hence the sale. it a bare engine and collection from market harbourough in...
  2. fez06

    forge recirc valve

    Are they any good as an upgrade? Been offered one for £65 done about 4k miles
  3. spoonman

    RX7 Drift Mad Mike, Gets one of NZ's best mountain roads closed off just to go crazy

    When you are sponsored to hell and this good, you get this kind of thing offered to you..............
  4. Fasthands

    While the weather was good,

    [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] Thanks to a chap called Kris I have recently got to know through a local car club, who is a dab hand with his camera and kindly offered to get some pic's of my S15. here are just a few. :cool:
  5. L

    Whats it worth?

    Has anybody got any idea of the market value of a uk registered 1999 Spec S (manual) in pewter with about 50k in great condition? Its just I cant find any forsale to get any idea and I've been offered one. Martin.
  6. Nicely

    Whiteline Anti-roll/sway bar group buy

    Can I draw your attention to a limited period Whiteline roll/sway bar GB being offered by Apex Performance until the 25th May. :)