1. Darren_S15

    My Club Status

    Ive not been on here for a while as Ive recently purchased a house and been pretty busy between that and work. So since when have I been given the official status of 'Club Event Organiser'? Craig...
  2. C

    Open Event: Athens tuning show 2010 drift

    Hello guys. just to share our passion with you :) well last weekend the Athens tuning show was performed along with the Arena drift show . Part of the show were 1 S14 and 1 S15 that travelled from Cyprus to Greece to take part of the show. These 2 cars are a part of a 6 car team built by 1...
  3. S

    lightning emblem

    Has anyone got a good quality of lightning emblem picture with carbon looking background? I need to get one to print one out so if someone has or can find, can you please post it up? I was looking for it on google but i couldn't get something like official picture.