1. V

    My British S15 Replacement

    I forgot to do this when I actually got the replacement. I sold my S15 in March and replaced it with this! It's a 2010 shape Exige 240s modified to around 290bhp with Ohlins suspension. As much as I loved the S15 this is on another level!
  2. N80Jamie

    Ohlins Coilovers

    Recently took the car for its MOT resulting in a failure due to movement in the nearside suspension strut. Removed this to find a pretty bodged top mount and bearing. When the car was first imported it failed an MOT due to the top mount bearing on the nearside being knackered; this was resolved...
  3. FreakensNL

    WTB: [S15] Studs & Spacers 8mm for Ohlins and Volks

    I have Ohlins and Volks :cool: with 5mm spacers but they just touch the spring so need a bit more clearance... first off: I hate spacers but what can you do I'm thinking of going for 8mm once to be on the safe side saw these: http://novustech.ca/shop/10mm-4x114-3-5x114-3-cb64-1mm/ but they don...
  4. N80Jamie

    Ohlins coilover help

    Attempted to lower the set of Ohlins coilovers i have on the S15 today and was thrown by the way they're designed compared to the rest i've seen. Are these non adjustable height wise? If not, how do you go about doing it?