1. Mike

    White S15 black wheels, on A303 heading toward exeter, 26th Sept AM

    I was going the opposite way! not sure if you saw me!
  2. Mark_D

    Suspect's Black S15 A12

    Think it was you, just going past the Chelmsford/Ingatestone turnoff on the A12 going towards London today at about 1 o clock ish I was on the opposite side on my way to Chelmsford in my red S14a Looking very nice!!! :thumbs:
  3. P

    Knocking Noise

    I've recently bought some apex gen2 coilovers with 6/5 springs. They've been fitted for around a month now and one of the rears has started to knock. I've had them off and looked at them but can't find any faults. I greased them up and fitted them to opposite sides and the noise followed the...
  4. M

    Do any S15s have open diffs?

    I only ask because when I spun a wheel when the car was in the air today, the other didn't move and the propshaft span. When the prop was held, the opposite wheel went in the other direction. I thought it would have had a viscous diff, but need to know so I get the correct 2 way diff for it.
  5. J

    could you do this in an S15?

    Or at least something similar with the opposite end?! http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=-7578162437295361517