1. Silverstreak

    Open Event: Japshow Finale Sunday 29th September 2013

    Hi Guys, was wondering if any of you are planning on going this year, and will there be a club stand? If so, do we need to put our names down, and would be organising it? :D
  2. Silverstreak

    Meet: Thinking of organising a Dyno Meet!

    Hi Guys, I have been talking with Danny at Dynodaze and he has asked me about organising a meet at his place. The event would be a dyno shootout with possible catering and maybe a magazine shoot for all cars attending. I would like to see what interest there is from you guys before I start...
  3. L

    Newbie with a 200 :wave: :)

    Hi all.. thought I'd best introduce myself! I'm Lou, can mostly be found over on SXOC..currently driving a Nissan Silvia s14 :) and before that had a Mk2 MR2 Turbo :) Popped on here to invite you all to an event I'm organising, so thought I should say hi in here as well :) Heres the 14: I...