1. M

    15 drive shafts same as the 14a ones

    Snapped mine yesterday just on the way home from work just after i went over a train crossing so i need to replace it but ive found a 14a one but dont know whether its the same as the orginal s15 one any ideas???
  2. craig_m

    FS: rear lights

    i bought these not to long ago as i was planning on buying a s15, but now have bought myself a s14a and got money to spend on tuning :) never used still in orginal bubble wrap. so these have to go to fund some bits. £90 + £10p&p
  3. H

    "original" boost gauge +1 bar

    Hi All! I`m really loving the S15 and all... but I have a small question. There is offcourse the nice standard boost gauge installed in the car... but it doenst go further then 1 bar! I can swap it for a aftermarket boost gauge.. but the orginal one looks so nice with the odometer! Does Nismo...