1. I

    FS: Bigger EBC yellowstuff pads

    I have a set of bigger EBC yellowstuff pads to sell, to be used with 315/330/345 brake kits using nissan calipers, they have more than 50% life left in them. Pads were used with the 315mm discs and have a slight lip because they overhang the discs by 1mm or so. They have done 4 trackdays + 5...
  2. D

    FS: S15 Spec R Spoiler & Bootlid - Black

    As above really, needs no introduction. Spec R spoiler and bootlid in Black. Bootlid has small areas of corrosion prevailing near the outer mount of the spoiler. Easily repaired. Pics at weekend £180 ovno
  3. J

    WTB: Hard plastic outer door seals

    As above, im after a pair of fresh condition hard plastic outer door seals (not the rubber inners). Mine currently have bits flaking off and look a tad crap. Ta!
  4. M

    s15 6mt gearbox, circlip mod?

    Hiya all Im new to this site and new to driving nissan, but only 3 weeks after i bought my nissan s14 my gearbox broke down. I opened it and saw what went wrong, circlip failure at 4th gear, I started to search the net to see if other people have had the same problem and there were alot :). I...
  5. DeanS15

    anyone fitted proper 'aerocatches' neatly to a standard bonnet??

    at speed the drivers side of my bonnet has always had air get under it and its always bothered me - on my last car, an fto, i always planned on fitting them with my carbon bonnet and never got round to it. anyway, being a fairly cheap modification and being bored i thought i'd get round to...
  6. P

    Our Wheels Are ****!

    sorry but i need to rant this i recently replaced my wheel, and have a lovely momo and snap off, very chuffed. i decided to sell my old wheel, which had a small nick in the top, prob from a ring (previous owner) see pics. i thought the wheel was leather so put on some polish (kiwi) and gave...