1. S

    Spotted tonight around 7:30 white aero S15 heading towards Cannock way from A5

    Anyone on here? The one and only day I take my type R EP3 to a car meet rather than the Silvia since owning the Silvia and I have another S15 at the side of me while I was going round the roundabout "Sod's law"
  2. J

    Spec S owner from Bristol

    hey everyone! Purchased my S15 a couple of months ago now, First Uk owner now its registered! its a spec s and I have done a few bits to it since owning it ( ill make a build thread) Josh. Instagram - J9XHY
  3. M

    Join Date Mar 2016 Location Toronto, Canada Posts 0 Feedback Score 0 New Member Fro

    Oi! Been wanting to own a silvia for a long time. At one point, owned a 240sx s13 1989 (bought a parts car) and wanted to fix it up and go hit the track. Was in college at the time and ran out of funds, and re-sold it for funds. Finally working now full-time and looking to own an s15. I have a...
  4. J

    newbie from bucks RETURNING to S bodies after a few years

    hi im jon from buckinghamshire, was heavily into 200sx/silvias a few years back and been a sxoc and driftworks members for around 10 years, had been looking for a new car and kinda stumbled across a s15 that was in my budget so took the plunge and bought it hopfully ill enjoy owning it as much...
  5. K

    My New Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R is Awesome :) - UK Oxfordshire

    Hi all, after a few years ago owning a pewter s15 spec S purchased via Torque GT and being so impressed with it bar the speed I ordered a Spec R in may again using the amazing service of Torque GT and I picked it up last weekend. After a week of owning it I absolutely love it and have drove it...
  6. S15_SAM

    FS: (My friends) Honda Integra type RX DC2

    I said id put it on here for him as you never know! It's a really tidy motor and have done abit of work on it for him over his two years of owning. Love the Vtec soundtrack! Plus it's the last of the DC2's, and its the type RX which has better stuff on it...
  7. D

    All the way from New Zealand~

    hi my names Danny :cool:. Im new to the forum but been lurking in the back checking out members cars etc :D:D Im currently in NZ and on a journey to owning a s15 :D I just want to ask you all about the experience of owning a s15. Now 2 days ago i found a s15 for sale which caught my attention...
  8. sliding-r

    FS: Uprated coilpacks

    Thought someone might be after a set of new coils as they can be problematic as I found out second day of owning a s15. :( These arent anything to do with me just I spotted them: http://www.sxoc.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=509831
  9. C

    new member from KL/Malaysia

    hi guys..just joined in..got invited by a good s15 friend..currently driving a mits evo8..not yet owning a s15..in the process of getting 1 though.. cool to be with u guys..
  10. G

    Should I buy an S15?

    Guys Let me start by saying hello as I literally just joined up here 5mins ago! My nmae is Owen and I am from Ireland. I am seriously considering buying an S15! I have been driving a supercharged Lexus IS200 but I am bored with it now and want some serious Jap performance! I was looking at...
  11. X

    Insure...200sx a S15???

    Hi..My name is Michael, am planning to buy a S15 Spec R but thr prob is i can't find a company that would insure me, can any one tell me who they are with owning a S15 and also would it be ok to put down a 200sx as i S15 on insurance????