1. mixvariety

    WTB: Aero front bumper

    As above, looking for an OEM Aero bumper. Don't necessarily need the grilles/fogs, though I'll take them if they're part of the package! Pearl white would be ideal, but any colour will do. Cheers!
  2. L

    Hid Headlights Part Number

    Hey does anyone have the HID Headlights parts number for nissan? for 2002 L package and even the standard black hid ones. Thanks
  3. M

    Martin's LS2 V8 S15

    I had a project thread going a while back, but I got bored of updating it and the project kept stopping and starting to thought I'd start afresh now it's completed. Completely home built including paint. Its a 2002 spec r L package but not much is left of when I got the car. Anyway I'll let...
  4. S

    My Spec R L package

    Hi new to the furum and thought I would put some pics up of my Spec R L package :-) From what I can gather there's not many around... This one also has electric sunroof and factory xenons
  5. S

    Newbie from Chelmsford Essex

    Hi :wave: Here are my two Grey S15's :D The white one is my girlfriends and I also have a 1JZ manual Soarer Both are Spec R's one being the rare L package with black leather seats, Xenon head lights and factory electric sunroof :p
  6. Chriscooke

    FS: Stage 3a Parts for sale gt2871r etc

    Hi guys I have a full stage 3a bolt on package available from my s14a. This package made 344 bhp!!!! The package Includes .Genuine Garret GT2871r .64 trim .Genuine Z32 AFM with pigtail and modified elephants trunk to turbo .Nismo 555cc Side feed Injectors .Stainless exhaust manifold (Apex I...
  7. Havoc

    FS: SR20 to R33 GTST gearbox conversion package

    Right very reluctant sale, as really want to fit this to my s15 but strapped for cash and need the money for other things and events. Only want to sell as a complete package and would only consider splitting if I get a lot of interest in all the parts and it all sells. However already have a...
  8. naha_music

    FS: FS: Apexi Power FC package deal

    I'm in the near stages of getting my S15 up and running, but recently decided to go a different route with the engine management system (I decided to go with the AEM EMS Series 2 instead, in case your wondering..) therefore selling my Power FC and related gear as a package. Apexi Power FC w/...
  9. Dan H

    G,B, and L packages

    I've been looking at some japanese auctions at S15's, and there seem to be some with G package, B package and L package. Does anybody know what these packages added to the specification? Also, was Hicas optional? If it was, how can you tell? Did it add a letter to the chassis code the same as...
  10. S

    looking for the Member "FRONTYARD"

    Hi everyone I'm looking for the Boardmeber ASIM HUSSAIN aka "FRONTYARD" He sold me at the End of February some Exhausparts, an OEM ECU und some Airfilterboxstuff. I paid him the Money (GBP 260.00) immediately as agreed. After a very long time, he finally sent the package. But for whatever...
  11. japmadlad

    New toys

    No sign of my clutch package from RHD yet but I have got these
  12. P

    PJ?s S15 Spec-R Aero

    PJ from Sweden. Car in more or less stock except: Aftermarket Alloys 8,5 front 9,5 rear. Nismo Spec-Pro Exhaust CarPC / Custom Centerconsole with touchscreen Motoria Strut Brace Package on the way from Japan with goodies. Car is now in the garage for the winter with my Nismo 270R...