1. Surfing Boris

    removing badges advice needed

    I would like to de-badge the rear and remove the spec r badges from the car. Can anyone advise the easiest way to do this so that (a) the badges stay in one piece, and (b) I don't do any damage to the paintwork!! Thanks guys
  2. Sparky

    2000 Black Spec R

    Hi Guys, Recently purchased a black Spec R, 2000 from Liam in Staffs. A one owner car, totally original with Aero kit. Am made up with how it drives and am getting used to RWD again after 19 years with my modified Cherry Turbo ! Have just fitted a Teac touch screen head unit and am in the...
  3. J

    Detailing Jem - Fantastic condition 1992 Astra

    I was recently asked to detail this 1992 Vauxhaul Astra. The car has had only one owner from new and has only covered 34,000 miles. the paintwork was covered in 20 years of swirls and scratches, but amazingly nothing that was too deep to be fully removed. So other than a few stone chips on...
  4. P

    FS: areo sideskirts in white

    as above. ?150 the pair in good condition original paintwork.