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    FS: S15 parts for sale

    2 pairs of standand back tail lights 2 pairs of standand front wings.1 pair white.1 pair gunmetal grey 2 pairs of standand aero sideskirts.1 pair white.1pair gunmetal grey 2 pairs of standand wings indicators 1 standand exhaust from kat back 2 standand exhaust manifold 1 standand exhaust gasket...
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    FS: Knuckle for super angle

    $750 (1-2 pairs) $700 (2-10 pairs) $670 (more than 10 pairs) + shipping from Russia (DHL, EMS or others) or skype: albert_s15
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    WTB: tyres? where to buy?

    whats a good place to buy tyres online? was after some 225/40/17 for my new rims (yummy rims) i was going for falken fk452...u can get pairs of them on eBay for like ?144 for 2 dunno if theres cheaper?