1. S

    WTB: In desperate need of some fuses

    So my heaters stopped worked earlier today and I managed to completely destroy the 100a male PAL fuse in the engine bay fuse box. Not only have I destroyed that one but I was hoping to replace the two yellow 60a fuses so ideally need two good condition 60a fuses. Anyone have any 1 male PAL...
  2. Feast Japan

    FS: Ray's CE28N 17X8.5J +30

    Available through a regular supplier are these forged Volk Racing Ray's CE28N's. Size - 17X8.5J +30 X4 Decent offset for S chassis cars Delivered total with 4-6 week shipping option roughly 162,000 JPY (Pay Pal Incl.) *Tires not included. Exchange: PM if interested...
  3. P

    leather seats??

    Is it true that the s15 varietta's leather seats are the same as the leather seats in the s14A? and if so will they fit in the s15 front and back? Was chatting a pal in OZ and he recons it would. S15's in oz get a really nice leather interior.:nod: