1. D

    WTB: s15 spec r parts needed

    i require a complete front panel passanger headlight and bracket and passanger wing and a areo front bumper and bumper bar also a driver airbag im in birmingham but im willing to collect needed asap
  2. dudley97

    WTB: wanted front passanger headlight/ and rear wing

    has anyone got a passanger headlight for sale or a rear drift wing for sale many thanks Dudley 97
  3. J

    WTB: passanger side window runner and rubber

    hi people im after a passanger side window runner and the rubber that it sits in need this asap as my s15 is nearley compleat if you have one please tex or call me on 07904317275 sound
  4. M

    WTB: Wanted lh side rear quarter glass (passanger side)

    Wanted lh side rear quarter glass (passanger side)
  5. J

    top mount cracked!!!!

    well lads,top mount on the passanger side is cracked slightly,,whats the best thing to do do ye think???
  6. S

    Where to buy rubber thingy

    !Sorry for not knowing the english name! but.. Im getting rid of the interior to set up my s15 for drifting, and while doing so im stupid enough to take off and throw away some rubber /protection thingy on the passanger door and the rear end of the car. the problem isnt the passanger door...
  7. mint

    Passanger Lock problem

    Alrighty Folks. Ok when the car got ported over i got Torque to install an Alarm system for me, i got the Cobra system (iirc, I'll double check..) Anyways been working a treat however last week (When it was hella cold) when i went to open the pass door it opened onto the latch and got stuck...
  8. A


    My favourite rice mod so far :D Actually.. makes heal-toeing bloody brilliant. Love em. Actually... is there a part number for the left door sil garnish? My passanger one seems to have abit of rust/dirt/ i dunno what the hell it is on the end.