1. B

    FS: for sale veilside 18inch

    need to sell these as short on cash and have a set of rotas.sorry about pics will get BETTER pics up LATER. veilside andrews 3 piece 18inch. front size 1885 an offset +30 p.c.d 114.3 hole 4/5 with 85% firestone tires rear size 1895 an offset +34 p.c.d 114.3 hole 4/5 with 85% dunlop tires...
  2. raytsang

    WedsSport Bronze alloy wheels SA70

    Guys ive been looking on the net for some wheels to suit my blue s15... and i really like the blue bronze combo... while searching negnun found some nice Weds sport wheels are reasonable prices. http://www.nengun.com/catalogue/product/547 what to get 17x9 on back and 17x8 on front heres...