1. JDM_virgin

    C's shifter install guide

    Has any nice person who has one be kind enough to scan it and email it to me or post up on here as I've searched the whole web and had no luck :(
  2. Big Ned

    Just got back from JAE '08

    As the title says I've just gotten back from JAE '08 I went with the SXOC, and had a great time. It's was cool to see some other S15s there, but also cool that they weren't too common Jez and Mint, nice to meet you guys in person. Subzero, I heard you were around but I never got a chance to...
  3. C

    Insurance Company

    Does anyone have a nice and cheap insurance company to recommend in the UK? Young person especially. thanks
  4. Yakozan

    Video: How to draw a car in MS paint

    something for you Topper :) Some really mad skills this person has.