1. S

    FS: S15 / S14a PFC djetro with sensors/looms, FC Datalogit & software, border racing moun

    S15 / S14a PFC djetro with sensors/looms, FC Datalogit & software, border racing moun Selling my Apexi PFC D-Jetro with hand commander, Map sensor & Loom, IAT sensor & loom, FC datalogit & software and Border racing PFC mount: FC datalogit sold - 550£ for the PFC and bits
  2. S

    Issue with running after rebuild and PFC install

    I have rebuilt my engine, nothing mega just a refresh with new bearings the only other additional that could effect running is a pair of 256 deg cams. now I have some issues with running, its very rough / spluttery and can develop a miss fire this is whilst idling and no load rev up. I've also...
  3. J

    power fc

    wel lads i am looking to get a apexi power fc for the s15, but i dont know which one is the best to get ,i was looking at one but i dont know what model it is, the lad that has it gave me this number of the back of it (pfc sr205 0001-0125 ) he said it came out of 99 s14a can anyone help
  4. A

    Power FC strange problem

    I had my car tuned may last year and everything was running great. Drove it untill august when it started to missfire on boost sometimes. The problem got worse and I thought it was a dying coil. I stored the car away for the winter and when I took it out this year changed a faulty coilpack but...
  5. LuPix_S15

    FS: Yashio Factory 'Okachan' Water Temp Gauge

    Hiya, As some of you might have seen on my recent thread, purchased this kit from RHDJapan only to find it doesn't work on my car cos I have an Apexi PFC fitted :( So for those who don't have an Apexi PFC then this is a great bit of JDM wackiness from renowned tuning garage Yashio Factory :)...
  6. S

    PFC problem

    I have changed to PFC D-jetro and it doesn't work like it should.... Factory ECU runs fine btw Steps I have done There are two harness I need to hook up which I did. Disabled Boost control kit since I have Profec Corrected Injector % and latency which are 65% and 1.2ms for 740CC No sensor...
  7. S

    Car cannot keep running

    Turn my key on and engine starts but dies as soon as it starts.. I diagonosed as sourcing fuel to keep engine running so my first doubt was the fuel pump. I have changed to Nismo Fuel pump and i suspected my installation but everthing is connected even the fuse. Except there are only one...
  8. L

    PFC knock reading

    This is realy pfc's knock reading quite high since first dyno tuned. I went back to see tuner (twice)and get it retuned (like pull the timing back, mixture...etc) but won't help. The knock reading has gone to 79 in 2nd gear 5700rpm (water temp is 82c)and most of time when i boosted...
  9. F

    FS: Used S15 PowerFC - L-Jetro

    Hi peeps, Wanna sell my PowerFC L-Jetro w/o controller. For S15 SR20DET Blacktop. Will upload pics soon. Looking at AUD$720 shipped to anywhere in Australia. Location in Singapore. Thanks! FAQ Where is your controller? Car got broken into last month and took everything, incl the controller...
  10. B

    Apexi PFC

    Morning all, Havent even bought an S15 yet and i'm already looking at buying performance parts :D. Just wanted to know if an Apexi PFC from an S14a would be compatible with the S15?, just that there are a couple for sale at tho moment over on the SXOC at pretty good prices. Thanks in advance...
  11. A

    My PFC Map...

    Maybe to post your PFC map here with tune list??? My is: My tune list: sr20det 180sx rps13 black head, HKS 2530, 850cc, Walbro 255h/l, FMIC, BOV HKS SSQV, full exhaust from turbo 3", apexi pfc, apexi avc-r. And 1.2-1.4Bar :D
  12. P

    Apexi PFC vs Greddy E-Manage

    Hi fellas, I am thinking about replacing or giving a piggyback to my ECU. I am considering two of above options but I cant decide. I am sort of going for E-Manage because I like the idea of using the standard ECU and also its more affordable and it can support up to quite a high horse power. Is...