1. Joeh

    JAPFEST 2017 - 30th April 2017 - Join us!

    S15 OWNERS CLUB - Register your interest for JAPFEST 2017! Britain’s biggest celebration of Japanese car culture once again at the home of Silverstone Circuit on 30th April 2017! We are currently in progress from getting a club stand organised, interest has already started so we thought we...
  2. subzero

    Post your Favourite pic of your own car .

    just thought id do this for fun and see some cool photography .
  3. LuPix_S15


    Hola :wave: Anyone going to JTS this Sunday 1st June? I've still not met any S15 owners except for Rich last year (at the same place - Silverstone lol)!! Would be great meet some of you - think Helix is coming so will look out for his blue one there :) Kimi - will you and the Co-ord peeps be...
  4. LuPix_S15

    Got bored so called local model...

    Hey folks :wave: By chance we had some good weather this week (dry means good lol) so thought I'd call Corrine and get some pics done with Silvia. Apologies if anyone thinks I've lowered the tone in this forum :wack: but I'm still trying to advance my photography skills shooting cars and got a...
  5. Nicely

    SXOC Photo Shoot

    Four guys from the SW region of the SXOC (which I'm rep for) were invited along for a studio session to build up the photographer's portfolio. He's branching out into car photography... Here's the results of mine. :D The other guys' photos are here (click on SXOC).