1. S

    Pineapple rings from s13>s15?

    HI!!! I got a set of whiteline pineapple rings for a 200sx S13. Does these fit on my silvia s15 or are there some differences?
  2. 1

    PU Locking Collar

    Saw this in Superpro site, what do you guys rate this thing. PU insted of aluminum, which should cut down vibration as well as noise. Was thinking of getting this instead of Pineapple.
  3. 1

    Pineapple sizes

    Anyone have a whiteline pineapple on hand or have any ideas what is the outter diameter of the 2 sizes of the pineapple? Cos superpro only list the size and no mentioning of where it suppose to go. Small - 69.5mm Big - 80 mm Thanks in advance.
  4. Yakozan

    Pineapple rings vs Subframe collars

    what are the difference between the two? I'm thinking about some upgrades to the rear which will fit without too much work. These fit without removing the subframe. Which is best...