1. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    anyone good with apexi power fc?

    I've got a apexi power fc in my new car best thing i've ever had haha. love playing with the rev limiter anyone know a bit about them? got a few questions
  2. M

    New Owner from Tasmania, Australia 200sx

    Hey everyone, just a quick introduction, I live on the North-West coast of Tasmania, have just bought myself a 2002 200sx Spec R GT. I previously owned a 2004 WRX which I just sold but looking forward to playing with the 200 Red in Colour, with Greddy Coilovers, All adjustable Greddy arms and...
  3. Shawnhalu


    Hi guys.. Do u guys change OEM radiator out to aftermarket ones? Is it a must? if country is hot? and occasionally playing with sliding only? what do u think abt HPI radiators? thanks
  4. S

    preload on coilovers?

    hey all, just wondering are there any suspension guru's out there who can explain preloads? i might want to start playing with preload to see if my tein flex absorbs better as suggested by this post or my other solution is to start...