1. T

    FS: GReddy RB25DET Intake plenum

    I got this GReddy Rb25DET intake plenum for sale. I know some on here have RB25 conversions so its worth a shot ;) The plenum will not come with the throttle body pictured but just as is. The top side of the plenum has been polished. Asking 500gbp
  2. D

    FS: Top feed injector setup for standard plenum from Mazworx

    Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules, I just wanted to pimp this as Adam L and myself want this, but need a few more names :D For anyone wanting a cheaper way of fuelling for higher bhp, Mazworx are making a kit to run ID1000 injectors on the standard 2 part plenum Details here...
  3. C

    FS: Gloss black intake plenum

    This is a standard intake plenum that I bought from Dean a few months back. I had it smoothed off and powdercoated black to match my rocker cover but have since changed my mind about it and have bought a greddy plenum instead. It's in as new condition and has not been fitted since...
  4. tooley

    Cam cover paint ideas.

    Guys as you know i have the blue and white theme going on. I cant decide what colour to paint my cam cover and plenum. Blue or white. Or red as i have red calipers. Here is a pic of the car so you can see the contrast. What colour do you guys think? I painted my rx7 sr cam cover...
  5. G

    greddy plenum

    any one fitted a greddy plenum before? just wanted to know how bolt on they are cheers
  6. N

    Rb25det greddy or copy plenum????

    Hey guys does anyone no where i can get or no off anyone who has a greddy or a greddy copy plenum for a rb25detfor sale, its going into my s15, any help wood be gratefull. Thanks
  7. S

    Greddy oil cooler installation

    Has anyone got a link or instruction of how to fit? Does the intake manifold need to be taken out or just plenum only? How about alternator?
  8. S

    Having intake plenum decrease power??

    Is it true that without upgrading turbo there is power loss if intake plenum is changed to like greddy plenum? Just heard it from a tuner but couldn't quite agree...
  9. C

    FS: FS: SR20DET RWD ITBs w/ Plenum for turbo application

    City: Eugene State/Province: Oregon Price: 800 Shipped via paypal!! I have a set of ITB's with a custom plenum / fuel rail made for an sr20det RWD. This setup made 321 whp / 305 ft-lbs of tq @ 17lbs with a gt28. Got these off of jr_bump a while ago but decided to go with a different...