1. P

    FS: WTB oem spec r brace and rear valence

    close thread Delete pls
  2. sjt47y

    Loudest exhaust

    Hi can anyone tell me which exhaust is the loudest? I need some deafening exhausts as mines driving me crazy with a lack of sound! (fugitzubo currently). I am no show off but can't be a stealth rider either. Can some one point me in the right direction pls. Thanks.
  3. C

    WTB: Rocker cover

    As above for a spec r pls price posted to bristol
  4. raytsang

    FS: App brake hoses and Dixcel

    SOLD pls... Delete
  5. T

    WTB: Injectors s15 or 555 nimo and z32 AFM

    As above pls pm me
  6. J

    Insurance Help, Pls estimate my BHP

    Anyone who can guide me to a reasonable figure pls help, been on the phone last night for a few quotes and after seeing gd things said about the guys at Sky Insurance i gave them a call, but without a BHP figure they cannont give me a quote, and as i dont own the car yet as its just been...
  7. C

    WTB: WTB the stock S15 manual gear console

    pls help me find it...i looked every where but can't find one only the part says 1-6, R and leather, pls help me :(
  8. C

    how to put a picture in the signature section???

    pls help me, coz i hav absolutely no idea :o