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    FS: Wtb: oem spoiler and dmax roof spoiler

    Hi as per title if any one selling plz do let me know.
  2. D

    WTB: L.S.D Wanted

    Hey everyone looking for a standard or 2 way diff for my S15. Plz help me out desperately in need. Ireland prefferably, Cheers :)
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    Dyno results

    hi guys, i got my boost controller put in my jap spec R on the weekend, stock with cat back and apexi intake. put on the dyno n got 172.4RWKW at 0.9 bar. so if any 1 also had their s15 dynoed plz post up the reading id like to know. also let me know the main mods on the car too. thx :)
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    driver side lower dash

    how the bugger do you get it out? i cant find any other bolts except for the screw by the centre console. feels like theres something by the door holding it on, but i dont want to yank too hard incase i break something ^^ pointers plz people!
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    lambda sensor

    where could I get one of these from, I think mine is dead!!! help plz in sourcing one :)