1. R

    WTB: Aero Bumper and rear pods

    Hey Guys, I know, i know but i am afer an oem bumper with fog light everything and some oem rear pods, colour of both doesnt matter, scratches doesnt matter just shouldnt have cracks
  2. M

    WTB: S15 JDM SpecR Aero Kit (Full)

    Hey guys i'm looking for a dealership or someone with a FULL (Front bumper, Side Skits, Rear Pods) JDM specR Aero Kit for sale. Seller must be willing to ship internationally. Thanks in advance Mr.C4
  3. M

    Aero Bumper, Pods and Wing

    Hey guys, got my s15 a few weeks ago and I'm keen to put some aero gear on it! Atm I'm looking to buy a front bumper, rear pods and the aero GT spoiler. I'm based in Australia if that helps! Any ideas on where to start looking would be great! Cheers, Matt
  4. D

    WTB: S15 rear pods

    Im looking for a set of rear pods
  5. D

    FS: F/s s15 genuine oem optional rear pods

    as title states u have a pair of genuine S15 rear pods for sale.. current colour is blue, immac condition, no cracks along edges of any sort.. was planning on keeping them for when i buy another S15 but i think im going 350z... looking for $400ono PICTURES...
  6. ryd11r

    WTB: WTB - S15 Rear pods for rear bar

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has a set of rear pods from the rear bumper, preferably in Pearl White otherwise i'll re-spray them. If so and your not in Australia, how much + postage to Sydney?
  7. ichi-go

    Factory Rear pods

    Love them or hate them. What you think about them?? It completes the look when view from side but I can't stand looking at them from the back. It just ruins the rear bar for some reasons. Do you think it's ok to run aero front and side skirts without the rear pods? I intend to put the wing...
  8. P

    Gauge mounts

    I just fitted two gauges to my s15 A pillar, an air fuel ratio and a boost. I thought I might post what it turned out like as I was very happy with the result. I looked at removing the vents but I decide I liked airflow more and I looked at the A pillar pods and I didn?t like the bulk or the...