1. J

    Craig8585's Stunning S15 with stunning reflections

    Craig asked me to detail this beautiful S15 today, ready for Japfest tomorrow. Craig keeps his car in immaculate condition, and I mean immaculate! So the paint was already in good condition, so refining the finish was the order of the day, to get the best possible reflections. The car was...
  2. J

    A beast of a car - R35 GTR vs Detailing Jem

    I've been to give this stunning GTR the Detailing Jem treatment today. Now when I say stunning, I don't mean just because it's a GTR, but the condition is stunning, it really could pass for brand new. The paint did have some light swirling though, as you'd expect for a two year old car. So...
  3. Andyw

    The AVCRs new home

    hey guys! just a few piccies of a little fibreglass effort to house my AVCR in the roof of my 15; and, as im a photo whore, some general pics in the sun after a polishing sesh;