1. R


    Hi all, Recently joined the forum as I'm hoping to get myself an S15 in the very near future! Have previously owned a Civic Type R, Focus ST etc. but have wanted an S15 for quite a few years now. Have been looking for the right car for a little while and hoping that the right Spec R pops up...
  2. Jay-pan

    WTB: Possible exhaust swap

    Hello, I have a Trust exhaust system and what i believe to be a rare Jasma certified "RACE ONLY" in great condition just a few scrapes on the centre section. Basically the exhaust is... 3" Stainless steel No silencer's Jap angled rear box. and as you gathered loud! but a nice loud, rolling...
  3. Fruitbooter

    Exhaust popping and banging..

    Whats everyones like for this? I have no idea what brand exhaust ive got but its a 3 inch system with a decat and middle box. It doesnt pop or bang when im driving fast or inbetween gear changes, but it does when im driving along at a snails pace? When im driving below 2k revs and just...
  4. S

    C's shifter

    Is this a spacer? I think I'm missing one... anyone got a spec? like how high it is... I fitted mine but it pops out.... :(