1. S15AK

    FS: 2 x Bridgestone Potenza 235 40 18 95 Y

    Selling 2 x Bridgestone Potenza 235 40 18 95 Y They have been sat in my shed for a while now, they came with my S15 and are too small for the rears and too big for the front so might as well sell them on, as I need to cash to buy some new rears. They still have 7+mm left on the tread, they...
  2. Yakozan

    Bridgestone Potenza damper info??

    Hello. A couple of weeks ago I discovered that I had aftermarket dampers on my car :) Can't find much info on them though and wondered if enyone here knows anything about them. They're called "Bridgestone Potenza damper for street" the only info I've found is this. "Bridgestone FVS POTENZA...