1. Surfing Boris

    Battery relocation

    I think I'm posting in the right section but I wanted to know if there is any sort of how to guide on relocating the battery to the boot and if so how easy is it to do and are there any specific batteries to look at for a more powerful battery, cheers!
  2. G

    Hello from New Zealand

    Hi people :wave: Im the Grifta and ive just swapped my 440+ bhp pulsar for a s15 spec R std except for aftermarket sideskirts and rear bumper which i have no idea of manufacturer, not planning to go to town on it after having such a powerful and harsh riding pulsar, just plan on making it a...
  3. Miss S15

    Powerful or Show n Shine S15?

    Right I'm in a bit of a quandery at the moment,as ye know I'm getting an s15 around October/November time all going well. I've been looking for a black one,fairly standard enough,I want to put my own mark on it as such. I have a car site myself and it's colours are black and orange,mainly want...
  4. D


    been on the site for a while now but finally got my hands on a s15 yesterday so thought i would make a proper introduction post the s15 is my first rear wheel powerful car, and god is it scary!!!! but i love it to pieces.:D anyway hi everyone