1. C

    Hi From Sunderland, UK

    Just thought i'd introduce myself, im Chris I’ve gotta make a confession first of all and say that i still do not own a S15 as of yet, i have been looking for a while now ever since i saw one in front of me in White on the road! I'm already a Jap car lover, as i own a Lexus IS200 and managed...
  2. F

    Hi I'm Micah

    don't have a S15 YET, but I'm looking for one in Japan atm with some ppl that import japanese cars. As soon as we find something nice It'll get shipped over. just regged here to see what stuff is good to put on the s15 and what stuff to look at etc etc. so lemme introduce myself. I'm 19...
  3. Y

    Duration vs Lift

    When choosing cams what is the benefit of more lift and more duration? I want to try and eliminate as much lag as possible. What are the standard cam profiles? I understand most ppl opt for tomei poncams with 256degree duration...how much power is actually gained from these?
  4. C

    Hi All S15 owner

    hi everyone i'm allen i'm ad.designer my ride is: nissan c-west s15 01 i'm living in melb, me and some other frd have create a s15 club for ppl who living in melb. hope can meet more ppl who love s15 in here.
  5. A

    Hi ppl am from brunei =)

    Hi just join this forum and please to know you all Cheers
  6. sushiming

    boost controller and cusco catch tank...

    I am looking to get one in the next day or two b4 i leave hong kong for uk and wanna know what ppl think of the greedy PROFEC B SPEC II??? and the oil catch tank are they universal or made for each car???
  7. H


    Hey, I have recently gotten a sponsor who will supply me with audio for my car. Im am looking around the net for pictures of other S15 for inspiration from other ppl that have built audio in their cars. So if anyone have any pictures or URL for this. PLease post them here :) Thanks :)
  8. sushiming

    Wheel Offset Calculator

    click I found this might be some good too ppl
  9. sushiming

    I Can't Believe it...

    I was going down london today and was stoped at a triffic light and some black guys in a car next to me ask me to turn down the window and I can't believe what they askd me.................. IS THAT A TYPE R.................Man First Skyline now Type R what part of the Car looks like a Type R...