1. J

    Open Event: British drift championship round 1 lydden hill this weekend! :)

    We thought we would post this from the website as we will be there competing with our cars this weekend! If some of you are close then why not head down and come and enjoy the spectacle! Be sure to come and say hello to us and the team and take a look at our...
  2. Nickichi

    Gran turismo 5

    been a bit late getting the game due to college projects but now they are out of the way i've bought myself another S15 :smitten: love the car and the game although i need more practice anyway. Was wondering if there were any fellow gamers here that also have a copy, would be fun race the...
  3. J

    Local track practice day

    Some incar footage from an open practice day yesterday Cheers :)
  4. Yakozan

    How to do heel & toe downshifts

    Here an article from Edmunds about heel toeing. I try to use this method as often as I can. takes some practice though. I've been pricticing for some years know and still doesn't get it right every time.