1. Jordan

    WTB: Driver side wing in pewter

    Mine looks like its been previously repaired and has a nasty stone ship in it. Anyone got one?
  2. Jordan

    FS: Fibreglass cooling panel, previously fitted but great condition

    Having just bought Dan H's S15 i've been tinkering already and don't have any need for the cooling panel that he'd previously purchased from Craig8585 on here so I figured why not put it up for sale on here?? Not trying to tread on craig's toes here just thought it better to sell this than bung...
  3. Sideways Simon....

    New here, just got an s15

    Hey there, my names Simon... 24 from the west of Ireland, just bought an s15 yesterday, had an s14a and a s14 previously so i do have s-body in the blood!!:D Will start a thread with pics of the 15 asap
  4. B

    newbie from Ireland

    Hi all, just after selling my Accord euro R and im in the market for an S15. Guess im in the right place! I have had four S14's previously so now its time to move into S15 territory! Ill post up some pics of my old S14's as well. Cheers, Barry
  5. A

    My S15!

    Thought i should introduce myself now that I have been the proud owner of an S15 for just about a week...:smitten: Here is my ride, some of you may recognise it as previously owned by another member on this forum.. :thumbs:
  6. W

    Wob S15 (Previously Kierans!)

    Hahahaha I took pictures YAY! :)
  7. Nicely


    Hi folks. Many of you may have seen me on SXOC (where I'm a mod), and I'm an Admin here and have just finished getting this new version of the forum up and running. So hello and welcome to everyone. :wave: I previously had an S14 for two years and was...