1. Draco87

    Turbo upgrade information

    Hi guys!! I need your suggestions!! I would like to enhance the power of my s15, but maintaining a good curve of torque and power from 2500 rpm and a final power of around 420 hp. In short words, i will build not a car for drag, but I'll try to set up a light car, precise and fast, that prior...
  2. C

    WTB: boot lid

    hi does anyone have a boot lid for sale as just had someone reverse into my car and crease mine looking idealy for spoilerless but either as my partner can fill the holes prior to being painted please help someone :) thanks chelle x
  3. Topper


    Hey guys :wave: I've just been delivered my new coilovers, before i fit them i'm planning to stonechip the arches and get it all tidy under there. Just wondered if there is anything i should be doing to the coilovers prior to fitting? And if there is anything else i should be doing while in...