1. Sparky

    FS: Stunning Black S15 Areo for sale

    Nissan Silvia Spec R aero in black Imported 01/03/13 by Tegiwa imports Owned since 05/04/13 Registered on a V plate current private plate is S15 EVL Date of first registration 12/01/00 115,000km on arrival (71458m) Now reads 143,000m (mix = km + m) so 99,458m this will go up 20m per day...
  2. Mirai_Vaits

    FS: S15yay - cherished plate

    Hi guys, Selling my private reg S15YAY via ebay auction below - Access Denied Will be a very familiar plate to a lot of you, splitting this reg away from the car has not been an easy decision but it's all going towards funding a well overdue engine conversion so it's not all bad! I can...
  3. C

    FS: Private Plate K 20DSX

    Anyone interest in the private plate k20dsx? Read as K 20DSX. Offers welcome, as per forum rules, price is £2000
  4. S

    FS: Warren W18RAN Private Plate For Sale

    As per title retained from my current car i have the private plate W18RAN (perfect for a Warren or W Ibran) A friend of my dads buys and sells plates and has valued it in the £499 region so based on this valuation i would accept £450. Maybe open to sensible offers. Thanks, Jamie
  5. N80Jamie

    FS: Private Registration plate - S15 DET

    This registration will be coming off the silvia in a couple of weeks therefore I will be looking to sell it on! I would hold onto it but I had a private plate bought for me a few years a go from family and im going to put this one on the car. Im not 100% sure on a price as I've had a look at...
  6. C

    Private motor trade insurance

    I know a few people on here are in the motor trade so a quick one for you guys.. I've got 3 cars at the moment and am fed up of paying for seperate insurance policys so have been enquiring about private motor traders policys for road risk only. The first quote I've had back was something silly...
  7. andeep

    FS: Private registration "S15 FTW"

    The private plate off my S15 is now for sale. "S15 FTW" It can be put on any car that's made in 1999 or newer, so can be put on any S15. Price: SOLD SOLD SOLD!
  8. I

    FS: The Best S15 Private Registration Number ???

    Sold Sold