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    FS: Prodrive GC-06H Alloys

    I thought about selling these a while ago as theyre only 17" (i want 18's, Work XD9) so im going to throw this over to you to see if theres any interest. They're very rare Prodrive alloys, forged aluminium weighing about 6.75kg each, made by Rays I believe. They sit perfectly and clear my Teins...
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    FS: 17" Prodrive GC-06 Alloys and S15 Nismo spoiler

    Gents, ive finally got myself an S15. Immaculate in condition as it may be, it comes with some goodies im not too fond of so they're going to go up for sale soon. 17" Prodrive GC-06 Alloys, very expensive brand new and very light. In immaculate condition. Come with Michelin tyres 215F, 225R...