1. DarioG

    Return to the O.C.

    Hello everyone!!! Im making a return onto the s15 oc forum...... after quite a few months.... On my last time here i think i pissed "nicely" off with my use of txt speak.... And my usual guff........ For this i apologise..And to any1 else whom i offended......... On returning i promise to be on...
  2. A

    Ordered Coilovers today with camberplates ;)

    In a Norwegian 200sx forum i found a groupbuy today on coilovers. so I ordered a set of it to. The manufactor of the coilovers is RX. It's no T?v on it, but i think it would work fore me... next is to find a s15 silvia ;) 1. Providing 30 expansion/suppression steps for damp adjustment and...