1. T

    WTB: Gauge custer/clocks/speedo

    Hi guys, I am in need of a set of clocks for a manual Spec-R please. Mine seem to have died. If they had 89,000 miles on them they would be superb but anything considered. I would like as much of the surrounding plastic trim as possible because mine is all scratched where it looks like it has...
  2. 0

    Newbie from sydney australia

    Sup ppl :wave: was in the market for an s15 for 6 months i finally picked up my ride 2 days ago n havnt looked back since puts a smile on my face everytime i drive it :D. Its a base model 2002 spec s. Not much done to it, but i have a few mods im thinking bout doin in the near future. Hope ill...
  3. N

    WTB: Wheel arch liners p.s and d.s

    As title says need p.s and d.s front arch liners I.e the splash guards under the wing can't find where the he'll I put my ones during the build, anyone have them would really appreciate it if they let me no. Ryan
  4. J

    this might be mine

    alright boys and girls im thinking of buying this s15 and would like any info on it . it might b off this site??? its candy apple green with 63,000 klm on the clock so if you no this car just let me no thanks for all the help p.s i have on till to day 9.30 to decide cause there is someone...
  5. Z

    Where seek-page on your site!

    Well... interesting site... Im seek for seek-link on your site. Can you help me? P.S. Anybody know about XRumer 5.0 software? Need an url to it...
  6. kimi

    holiday time has come

    hiya guys :wave: i wont be around for 2 weeks as from tonight, i'm off to cornwall for 2 whole weeks :cool: be good everyone :p kimi x p.s FAO Topper- if i'm the short one your the tall guy :D :rotfl:
  7. J

    Went for a drive one day and...

    twisty road deserted had camera handy ... couldnt help myself... hehe p.s. my friend helped me take it.. :D