1. S

    Hi Folks

    I am new to this site.. and I dont actually have an S15.. I am building a drift car at the mo.. the first of its kind in the world I am led to believe.. Its a PS13 Silvia which is being powered by Cosworth YB engine and box, custom parts are a major part of the car.... The build is being...
  2. J

    FS: Silvia tail lights, OE JDM PS13

    I have these left over from my old car, no reserve. Items located in Limerick, Ireland, but i can send them anywhere:p
  3. Yakozan

    Silvia S13 versions?

    Curious about the Silvia S13 and the different specs. I think that the S13 came with CA18DE, CA18DET, SR20DE, SR20DET. But which model is which? I can see 4 different model codes on USS auctions. S13 KS13 PS13 KPS13 I'm I right when I assume that S13 = CA18DE engine KS13 = CA18DET engine (K...