1. Z

    WTB: Where can i find some of these connectors?

    Hi all! Looking to purchase a few of the connectors that connect the tail lights to the loom in the boot. Anyways. I was hoping someone might be able to guide me to a business that produces them, or somewhere where i can just get the bare connectors, and then wire in my wires myself. only...
  2. M

    WTB: Door card handle surround thingymijig

    after one of these for the passenger nearside door card. It's the trim around the door release pull.
  3. JDM_virgin

    grinding gear box

    This has been niggling away at me since I've had the car- I have no idea why it does it and more importantly what causes it. When you start the car from cold and select either first gear or reverse (in fact probably any gear as I've tried it in second slipping the clutch) then lift the clutch...
  4. Jaydej

    Quicker then it should be?

    I was traveling down a motorway near my home and a 64 plate golf R was next to me. We all know what you do and the golf driver had the same Intentions as we both had to slow to 50 for a speed camera. And the golf could not pull on my I stayed ahead and pulling slowly. so I did abit of didnt I...
  5. Jaydej

    Guide to fitting fogs on a s15

    Firstly I would like to apologise as I want meant to go really into detail but I got carried away doing more then one job at the same time so. Missed out some pics but this should still help. Also some of the pictures aren't the best as I now and again remembers to take a picture. but here we...
  6. 8

    Blue with white wheels, BP Harlow

    Was just leaving as I saw you pull in. You local?
  7. S

    WTB: WTB: S15 Motor

    hey im after an s15 engine, it doesnt have to be running, as i want a motor to strip it down and start biluding it, so i dont have to pull my car off the road. thanks let me no. Dean 0404 871 225
  8. Curryzz

    Car runing like a bag of ****e since an hour ago!

    Hi as tittle says i think its an oxygen sensor as my air/fuel gauge has stop reading anything but its jumping around all over the place when i pull away, sounds very unheathy, anyone had this prob? Tryin to work out if it is the O2 sensor? HELP
  9. richy200

    Having a slight engine problem first thing in the morning what could it be?

    As per above, i'm having a problem with the s15 (s14 blacktop sr20det). Every single day i get in to the car and start it, the car starts and idles completely fine, then as soon as i go to pull out of my drive in gear It feels like an intercooler pipe is off. I can litterally put my foot to the...
  10. S

    Rebuilding Z32 Master Cylinder?

    I tried to crack it open but don't know how to pull the rear end once I take the aluminium cover off.... There are black insert that I need to pull out but how is it joined? Also is there anyway I can take the cup off too?