1. I

    WTB: Crank Pulley wanted SR20DE or SR20DET

    Wanted good condition CRANK PULLEY from SR20 S14 or S15 DE or DET are the same. PM me Cheers Immy
  2. D

    WTB: SR20DET Crank Pulley?

    Has anybody got a crank pulley they want to get rid of that isn't damaged? Ive chipped mine getting it off, plus its looking rather rough!
  3. jake

    WTB: S15 or s14a crank shaft and crank shaft pulley

    I need of a crank shaft and a crank shaft pulley ASAP to finish of my engine re build on my s15 as I found a crack in my pulley and the key in Sid the pulley has moved and dug out a grove in the crank shaft on the Join thanx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Nickichi

    Main Crankshaft pully

    Heya I probably know the answer to this but i thought i would try here first (and boost my count lol, been a while) I've been working on the front of the car trying to remove rust that has built up since the awful winters we've had for a while in the UK and when I got to the pulley after...
  5. S15_SAM

    New air con tensioner pulley needed please.

    Hey guys. I need a new pulley for my air con tensioner, as it's got alot of play and is rattling. Looks like this And goes on the empty bolt just right of the crank. Sorry bout pic sizes.
  6. slammedmind

    FS: Greddy pulley kit for s15

    Have a barely used Greddy pulley kit to suit an s15, blue in colour and lightweight. Help reduce the inertia on an engine, worthy investment if you want the most out of what you have. They have been used for 800kms, good condition all round. €250
  7. spoonman

    Crank Pulley slight damage, will this affect the balance?

    The car started to leak from the front crank seal, so it got replaced as you do, but in the process my helpfull brother who "has done the heaps of times before", said he would remove the crank pulley so i let him. In the process with his cheap and nasty puller he managed to snap of several tabs...
  8. LuPix_S15

    Pulley/Belt Tensioning Guide

    Ok folks - another guide with pics to add to the library lol :) Thought I'd explain since I did this recently after adding new selt of belts :nod: Basically the S15 runs three belts as standard. The inner most is the alternator belt which also drives the water pump at the top. Then there's a...
  9. naha_music

    Crank Pulley Bolt Size?

    Before I go out and buy a complete set of large sockets (i only have up to 24mm), does anyone know off hand what size is the crank pulley bolt?
  10. raytsang

    Adjustable pulley with NVCS

    found this nice part on the Boss Auto Produce site it's a LAP "NVCS adjustment pulley" http://www.apboss.com/english/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=34&Itemid=50 very useful for those what to fine tune the cams. and keep NVCS