1. sniffy

    Washer pump plugs

    Anyone ever had to replace the plugs that connect to the washer pumps ? I have got a replace ment washer bottle and pumps but the plugs for them so bad on the car they cant be used and the pumps i got off another S15 did come with plugs. Just looking to see what others did ?
  2. UncleDan

    WTB: S15 washer fluid pumps L and R

    Need both left and right pumps. Also,are s14 pumps interchangeable with the s15?
  3. UncleDan

    Washer Fluid Pump

    Does anyone know if the S14 and S15 washer fluid pumps are directly interchangeable?
  4. A

    WTB: Parts needed for my MoT

    Hey im after a few things to get my car s15 though its Mot i need; O/a/f lower ball joint standard front callipers pumps for the screen wash Also if you know of any alternatives i could use instead that would be great
  5. fez06

    walbro fuel pumps

    Will an s13 one fit on an s15 or is it a different fitting kit ? Cheers
  6. A

    WTB: S15 Fuel Pump Upper Plate

    Looking for the following part no2, upper plate mount. Mine the hose cracked and was leaking petrol quite bad. Looking for the second hand part or if you know any new pumps that come with the top part. Thanks Brian :cry: If anyone knows the part number it would be much appreciated..