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    super tight screw I cant undo.

    I want to get that metal panel off behind the glove box to change the polen filter but theres 1 screw that is really tight, the screwdriver doesn't get enough grip even if I push hard & its starting to mangle the crosshead. Any tips on how to get it undone?
  2. S

    osgiken clutch seems slipped but not

    i just change my s15 std clutch to os giken twin plate . the giken clutch is actually bit used and took out from driven s15 but i cleaned the minor rust on it except plates. now the issue is that my car is not gripping ( high rpm but no speed above then 50kmh) it seems like clutch is...
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    looking to push 400hp what mods would i need??

    hey guys I'm looking to push 400 - 450Hp out of my 2001 spec S... what mods would be needed?? the car is pretty much stock at the moment with a 3 inch exhaust and dump pipe but thats it.. I was looking at doing it all in one go as i really only want to take it off the road 1 time only.. any...
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    FS: blanking caps for the rear wiper

    got 8 of these lying about....look like this :) can be a bit of a pig to get hold of and the ones i bought came in packs of 10 :wack: I dont need them so if you want one, send us a quid to cover postage and il get one sent out. Perfect push fit, I used a touch of sealant just to make sure...
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    Changing front wing repeaters

    Hi, I know this might be a basic one and I have done a search on the site to find the answer however I dont want to end up pulling the front wing repeaters/indicators and breaking them. Do I push and turn in a certain direction, just turn etc.. Any help would be appreciated. Keith
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    stop end swopping

    im doing alot of reading into the s15 before i find the right one for me to get and it keeps on coming up that in the wet its a bit frisky and likes to swop ends if you dont be carefull. i wont drive the car on the track nore drift it but i do push my cars when im on my way to work at 5 in the...
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    A good tuner up North?

    Looking for someone who can set up my profec B boost controller for me, possibly on a roller but dont know who to trust. I have already fitted it myself and initially sat up but I feel the car can give a lot more, but I dont really want to push to the limit without knowing if is running lean or...
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    What's yours on average? I've been monitoring mine over two tanks of 97ron. Very sadly, ?110 had delivered just 500 miles :eek: :( That's 20-mpg Is this normal? I do a 10 mile run to work each morning and back in the evening. I occasionally take it out at lunchtime too but only 10 miles...