1. NICKO

    Service time

    Well as some of you may know ive just bought the chargespeed ex demo car and im well pleased with it. But now its time to just overhaul it checking everything etc just so I kow its tip top, but Ive done a bit of reserch on oils and it seems theres just some many different oils to choose from so...
  2. DeanS15

    servicing info (oils and quantities, sparks etc.)

    i was just wondering if anyone has come up with a preffered oil and quantity for the rear diff and gearbox, preffered spark plugs and also what engine oil and quantity would best suit a mildly tuned engine? (i'll hopefully soon have an fmic, full exhaust, intake, avcr and a couple of supporting...
  3. D

    Engine Oil Quantity

    Just wondering if anyone can confirm the approximate quantity of engine oil required for an oil change? My car seems a bit 'lumpy' on idle so I have ordered all oils (except engine), spark plugs, oil/fuel filter and treated myself to an induction kit....hopefully all it needs is a good...